Protecting Your Information

Staying cyber secure aware is a daily effort. We have some tips for keeping your information safe.

Refuse Access to your computer.

  • Never allow access to your computer from unsolicited requests.
  • Don't call the number or click on the link in a pop-up message such as: "Your computer has been infected with a virus, please call support at 888-888-8888 to fix this problem IMMEDIATELY!"
  • If you are concerned your computer may have been infected with a virus, contact your local computer provider for assistance. 

STOP-Don't Click, Don't Send.

  • Don't click on a link from an unsolicited email or text message.
  • Don't provide card information from an unsolicited source.

Keep your information secure.

  • Shred your documents prior to throwing them in the trash.
  • Never give out your bank information, credit card numbers, or social security numbers.

Investigate Origin of all requests

  • Law enforcement won't call with warrant information, requesting payments for bond.
  • The IRS will not call and request a pre-paid card, gift card, and/or money wire for back taxes.
  • Verify with a trusted loved one before sending money to a family member in trouble.
  • Don't trust money requests from person(s) you've met online.
  • Fraudsters can create spoof emails, text messages, computer pop-ups, and phone numbers that look like legitimate communications.